This model was built by special request on a scale of 1:25. In preparation for building this scale model I began looking for drawings but, however, I could not find these despite a thorough and intense search on the internet.
I got the correct measurements by comparing dozens of photographs and then particularly in combination with people depicted in the photos.
Eventually, with the help of this information, countless calculations and the specified maximum width and length for narrow boats I could make an accurate drawing for the scale model I wanted to build.
The scaled-down interior has been accomplished according to the standard requirements, the questions I was asked by the client and on the basis of the many photos.
I did the painting fully according to my own views.
The whole frame has been constructed from 8 mm of thick mdf. The coating of the hull and the whole superstructure as well as the interior mainly consist of multiplex, the thickness of which varies between 0,8 mm and 2 mm.

Length, including the ropefenders: 712 mm
Width: 85 mm
Building time: 250 hours.